Self-Drive Terms and Conditions:

Self-Drive Terms and Conditions:


The user must be above the age of 23 years. However, some vehicles are provided at the minimum age of 25.

Documents Required

  • 1. The user must have a valid driving license.
  • 2. The user must bring original DL and Voter/Aadhaar/Passport at the time of delivery of the car
  • 3. In case a user is unable to verify his/her identity, the booking shall be cancelled.

Security Deposit

There is no security deposit if the user submits his/her any of the following documents in original.

  • 1. Voter
  • 2. Passport
  • 3. DL

Otherwise, a security amount of 2500 for Hatchback/Sedan and 3500 for SUVs/MUVs is required at the time of renting a vehicle.

Payment Terms

Full payment to be made by user at the start of the trip. Fuel charges is to be borne by user themselves. Sufficient amount of fuel in starting of the trip and the user needs to return the car in the similar level. If there is excess or deficit in fuel, a reasonable amount shall be refunded/charged based on the average mileage of the car.

KMs Drive

The allowed KM limit per day on average basis is 250/day. For example, if the duration is 4 days then total allowed KM is 250*4 = 1000 KM. Extra KM charges shall be applicabale.

Damage Policy

In case of any accident/damage, user’s liability shall be limited to a maximum of 30000(15000 for hatchback/sedan, 30000 for SUVS and THAR as estimated by an authorized/reputed dealership). This policy is intended to protect and benefit the responsible user. However, if the user is found in situations of irresponsible driving the user could be liable to pay the whole damage amount irrespective of insurance claimed from the insurance company. Such cases include, but not limited to

  1. If the user is under influence of alcohol/drugs while driving
  2. Rash/Negligent driving
  • 3. If the car is used for off road driving
  • 4. If the user continues to drive even after any major problem arises in the car.
  • 5. Misinformation in DL
  • 6. If the user is found violating any rule of the Motor Vehicle Act.

Drop Points

The user must return the vehicle at the pickup point agreed upon taking possession of the car.

Rental Period:

Rental period is calculated on 24 hours basis (Time to time). For example, if the booking starts from 10 AM today and ends in 10 AM on the next day then it shall be considered as 1 day rental period.

Extra Hours

Extra hours charges shall be calculated as (Daily Rental / 12) for each extra hour. If the extra hours exceeded by 6 hours, then instead of hourly charges one full day rental charges shall be applicable.

Extension of Rental Period

If the user wishes to extend the rental period, he/she shall contact us and update us with extending period. However, extensions approval is subject to availably of the vehicle.

Replacement Vehicle

We shall provide a replacement vehicle in the case of vehicle failure. This is subject to vehicle availability.

Cancellation and Refund

The booking amount shall be fully refunded if the user cancels the booking 96 hours prior the booking start time (The amount shall be refunded within 3-4 working days). In other cases, there shall be no refund.

Airport Delivery and Pickup

An amount of INR 1000 shall be charged for airport delivery or pick up (One way).

Doorstep Delivery

A reasonable amount shall be charged based on the distance from our office

Penalty and other charges

1. In case the user is found for any fine from the traffic department. The user is liable to pay the fine amount imposed on the vehicle. The user shall be notified via SMS/email for all charges applicable.
2. If a user is found drunk at the time of drop, the user shall be liable for the complete damage repair cost.
3. Smoking/drinking is strictly prohibited inside the vehicle. Penalty of Rs.1000/- fine shall be charged, if found guilty and a strict action will be taken on them.